MedPoint technologies Ltd. was founded in Dec 2004 by Mr. Ruben Cohen & Mr. Yoav Shaked.

Both founders carry years of experience of R&D, Sales, Marketing & Clinical trial Management in the medical devices business mainly in the sectors of Cardiovascular.

MedPoint Technologies Ltd. is a young and dynamic distribution company which is mainly focused in the Endo-Vascular (Interventional Cardiology, Radiology & Neuro) arena.

MedPoint Technologies Ltd. is specialized in distributing and launching new and innovative products and in satisfying the needs and requirements of its customers.

MedPoint Technologies Ltd. boasts the following operational and structural key features :

  • Distribution throughout the country.
  • Strong market relationships & presence.
  • Optimized logistics.
  • Continuous technical and scientific support.
  • Prompt development of the customers projects and ideas.
  • Reliability and competence.
  • Established distribution network through out the Mediterranean countries.

Thanks to its dynamic structure and professionalism, MedPoint Technologies Ltd. is able to organize and manage clinical studies, as well as to provide constant support to the customer thanks to its highly qualified management.

Mr. Ruben Cohen brings years of experience in sales and marketing mainly in the Interventional Cardiology & Radiology and medical devices business. Mr. Cohen had positions in several distribution companies in Israel managing the Cardiology division.

Mr. Yoav Shaked was active years in several start-up companies developing medical devices for the Interventional Cardiology as well as founder of start up company developing innovative solution for different applications in the Interventional Cardiology arena.

MedPoint Technologies Ltd is a certified company in Israel at the Ministry Of Health and Certified ISO9001.

All our products are registered with CE Mark, FDA Approval or Japanese Approval.