Accross CTO Balloon Catheter OTW


Worlwide Lowest Tip Entry Profile. Thats Matter In CTO Cases!

Across CTO 1.1mm OTW (Over the Wire)


One of the thinnest angioplasty balloons in the world.  It has been specially designed to help cardiologists cross and open the most challenging Chronic Total Occluded lesions.

When the need of Full lenght pusshability is needed during CTO procedures.

Minimize the risk of failure to cross a CTO lesion once the wire has reached the distal true lumen.

Ultra resistant to puncture, very robust balloon material, optimizing the success of dilating the often heavily calcified CTO lesions.

Rated Burst Pressure up to 25atm. With 0.015″ Tip entry profile the Across CTO Balloon can reach the most complex lesions for optimal crossing.

across cto rx lesion entry-1across cto rx balloon picture-1