ALN Filter Vena Cava Optional With Hook


The ALN Filter Vena Cava Now Available With Hook.

With More than 20 Years of Experience. The Efficacy of the ALN Filter with more than 10000 filters successfully retrieve. To Date, documented removal up to 40 months.

 Both Aln Filter Vena Cava with & without Hook :

                   Filter With Head – 55cm                                      Filter with Hook – 59cm


The ALN Filter Vena is made of Stainless Steel 316 LVM MRI Compatible.

Build with Hook Head, 3 Anchorage Struts, 6 Centering Struts for Optimal Delivery & Stability in the Vena Cava Vessel.

Three approaches as Jugular, Brachial & Femoral Filter Kits.

The Hook Aln Vena Cava Filter can be removed with one of the Aln Removal Kits  or with a Snare (Only by Jugular Approach).

The ALN Removal & Repositioning Kits :

Straight RS        Pre-Curved RS                            2 In 1 RS

Straight RS-1-1 Precurved RS-1-1 2in1RS-1-1











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