Asahi Gaia Third Guidewire 0.014″/0.012″



Micro-cone tip

The micro-cone tip makes it easier to create the entry route to the hard tissue and fibrous cap.


Three diferent tip loads

Possibility to choose Gaia version depending on morphology of the lesion.







Flexible tip








By taking advantage of tip flexibility, ASAHI Gaia easily avoids hard tissue and advances smoothly.

A stiffer wire is less likely to deflect, causing it to proceed in a straight direction only.


1mm pre-shaped tip

The pre-shaping of the tip is incorporated in the production process, significantly increasing tip shape retention.



Intentional manipulation








*All the data were obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.

*All the data do not guarantee that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for tests.

Enhanced torque response broadens possibility of intentional manipulation.



Efficient transmission of proximal rotation to the distal tip.

Less efficient transmission of torque due to resistance, causing whip.