Asahi Silverway Guidewire 0.035″




  • Maneuverability – Distal tip is constructed with double coil structure. This design improves durability.



  • Maneuverability – ASAHI’s innovative guide wire technologies is incorporated in the proximal shaft.

This enables Silverway to achieve outstanding torque performance.

This torque performance can contribute significantly when you need it.



Safety – Distal shaft

Distal 15cm is coated with silicone material for better tactile feedback.

Maneuverability – Mid shaft

Hydrophilic coated mid shaft provides superior lubricity to facilitate smooth delivery.

Maneuverability – Proximal shaft

Silicone coated proximal shaft for adequate lubricity and better guide wire handling.



  • Safety – Soft & Radiopaque tip

Silverway’s highly flexible and radiopaque tip is designed to be less traumatic and easier to visualize.

  • Maneuverability – Tip shape

The tip shape of both J-shape and Angled can be stretched easily by hand. It can be inserted into the Y-connector without the use of an inserter.




Outer Diameter Catalog No. Usable Length Tip Shape
0.89mm(0.035inch) SA0035N15S 150cm Angled
SA0035N18S 180cm Angled
SA0035N20S 200cm Angled
SA0035N22S 220cm Angled
SA0035N26S 260cm Angled
SA0035N30S 300cm Angled
SJ1535N15S 150cm J-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N18S 180cm J-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N20S 200cm J-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N22S 220cm J-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N26S 260cm J-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N30S 300cm J-shape 1.5mm
SJ3035N15S 150cm J-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N18S 180cm J-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N20S 200cm J-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N22S 220cm J-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N26S 260cm J-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N30S 300cm J-shape 3.0mm