Asahi Sion Black Guidewire 0.014″



Frontline, polymer jacketed guide wire designed to retain flexibility.


Polymer Jacket + Composite Guide Wire

Designed with greater lubricity, control and durability.

Improved flexibility

ASAHI SION black is more flexible than conventional polymer jacket guide wires, for improved safety and vessel trackability.

Durable tip for shape retention

Composite Guide Wire is designed to maintain tip shape for vessel selectivity and catheter positioning.

Precise torque response

Composite Guide Wire provides precise torque response in tortuous vessel.


  • Polymer Jacket provides greater lubricity compared to spring coil guide wires.
  • ASAHI SION black shows better lubricity compared with spring coil type wires.


  • ASAHI SION black is very flexible compared with Fielder FC, similar to spring coil type wires.

        Recommended use;

  • Severe stenosis
  • Tortuous lesions
  • Long, calcified lesions
  • Collateral channel tracking
Tracking Test
  • The test method is to pass guide wire to a continuous curve of 1 mm radius.
After Test
  • ASAHI SION black retain control after passing heavy stenosis and tortuosity.

Product Catalog No. Diameter Usable length Spring coil length Radiopaque length Tip shape
ASAHI SION black APW14R010S 0.36mm
190cm 12cm 3cm Straight
APW14R310S 0.36mm
300cm 12cm 3cm Straight
APW14R010P 0.36mm
190cm 12cm 3cm Pre-shape
APW14R310P 0.36mm
300cm 12cm 3cm Pre-shape
APW14R010J 0.36mm
190cm 12cm 3cm J
APW14R310J 0.36mm
300cm 12cm 3cm J

Coated with SLIP-COAT®coating.