Asahi Sion Blue ES Guidewire 0.014″




  • Enhanced tip durability
  • Combination of flexibility and torque force
  • Reduced whipping of the wire due to superior torque response









  • Contribute to a stable device delivery

Well balanced reinforced shaft enhances guide catheter support during device delivery.

  • Inherits the maneuverability of Composite Guide Wire

Usable as a frontline guide wire with easy control for branch selection and minimal loss of steerability in tortuous vessels.






















Product Catalog No. Diameter Usable length Coil length Radiopaque length Tip shape Tip load
SION blue ES
AHW14R017S 0.36mm
190cm 8.5cm 3cm Straight 0.5gf
AHW14R017J 0.36mm
190cm 8.5cm 3cm J 0.5gf
AHW14R317S 0.36mm
300cm 8.5cm 3cm Straight 0.5gf
AHW14R317J 0.36mm
300cm 8.5cm 3cm J 0.5gf

Not all shapes and sizes are available in all markets. Please check availability with your sales representative. Coated with SLIP-COAT®coating.