The Camaro Micro-Catheter


The Camaro Micro-Catheter

 Peripheral Vascular Interventions

Best-in-Class Procedural Support Catheter designed for maximum performance in interventional  peripheral applications, including complex and CTO. The Camaro™ Support Catheter features the most extensive matrix on the market, including unique 180cm length models. The Camaro’s unique design makes it ideal for crossing lesions, guidewire support, guidewire exchanges, and infusion of procedural fluids.

  • Most extensive size matrix on the market – including unique 180cm long models
  • Available for  0.018″ and .035″ diameter guidewires
  • Catheter lengths of 65cm, 90cm, 135cm, 150cm and 180cm
  • Optimal tip design features a short 1.25mm tip for improved placement and visualization
  • Highly visible markerbands for optimal visualization and measurement
  • Next generation low-particulate hydrophilic coating to maximize trackability and minimize particulate release

The Camaro™ Support Catheter is a versatile tool for interventional procedures offering excellent trackability and crossing characteristics for  peripheral applications, including complex  and CTO. The catheter is ideal for guidewire support during critical lesion crossing as well as managing guidewire exchanges. The Camaro™ is an effective tool to optimize contrast delivery and other therapeutic agents.

The Camaro’s unique double-step shaft technology is engineered to optimize pushability and flexibility which maximizes guidewire support, trackability, and lesion crossing capability. Additionally, the proprietary hydrophilic coating is designed to enhance trackability as well as minimize particulate release.

The Camaro™ features a short 1.25mm tip for improved placement and visualization. The low-profile tip features an embedded marker and smooth outer transition for tight lesion crossing. The markers are highly visible for optimal placement, visualization and measurement.

The Camaro™ Support Catheter features the most extensive size matrix on the market. The device is compatible with  0.018″ and .035″ diameter guidewires and available in five lengths to accommodate specific patient anatomy and access points. In addition to standard catheter lengths of 65cm, 90cm, 135cm and 150cm, the Camaro™ is available in a unique 180cm length!